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On December 1st & 2nd of 2010, the SAMHSA staff and family of friends produced and “A Place for US”. This musical production is the result of the dedication, creativity and passion of the SAMHSA staff and is a reflection of their commitment to improving the nation’s behavioral health, particularly among those communities in greatest need.

Multi-Purpose Performance Stage

Multi-Purpose Performance Stage used for Musical Production

JSI was proud to assist in the great endeavor in recognition of World AIDS Day. Jericho Stage built an interior performance stage for their event, providing them a means to put on their premiere production in a cost effective yet professional manner. Our staging products allow our clients to find a solution right for their event. Our hats go off to the staff of SAMHSA and thank them for allowing JSI to be a very small part of a great event.

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Custom outdoor stage in front of Cameron Mansion

Cameron Mansion Review Stand 2010

“The Grand Review of US Colored Troops took place in Harrisburg on Tuesday, November 14, 1865. The procession began at the southeast corner of Soldiers Grove, at what is no the junction of Seventh Street and South Drive. Hundreds of USCT veterans marched before the residence of former Secretary of War Simon Cameron and then appeared before the state capitol building where they heard from speakers such as noted activist William Howard Day….. It was, in the words of the great abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator, “a pleasant and happy day.”

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Two Tier Press Riser at Grand Review 2010

Two Tier Press Riser at Grand Review 2010

The above shown two tier press riser was installed directly across from the capitol steps reviewing stand at the Northeast end of State Street.

Reviewing stand on Capitol Steps in Harrisburg PA

Reviewing stand on Capitol Steps in Harrisburg PA

JSI provided the necessary staging support for the Grand Review, installing reviewing stands, choral risers, press risers and barricades for crowd control.

Choral Risers, Barricades, and Reviewing Stand

Choral Risers, Barricades, and Reviewing Stand

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The Baltimore Ski Club Fashion Show is an annual event produced by the BSC and held at the VFW Hall on Harford Road. The event requires a “T” shaped runway and Pipe and Drape that makes a very efficient use of a typical event space.

Fashion Show "T" shaped runway

BSC Fashion Show 2010 - "T" Shaped Runway

The Pipe and Drape used protects the models from being viewed until the fashion is presented on the stage. JSI can walk you through the many options of designing your fashion show runway to get the best product for your budget and for your very important event.

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JSI – Jericho Stage, Inc. has a 3 decade history of supporting important issues like education and Non-profit organizations in our communities. Whether its a large or small event, JSI will be there and right in your budget. We can provide custom designed fashion show runways, outdoor festival stages, rally platforms, indoor public speaking platforms or display walls just to name a few. Here are some more recent events in the first part of 2010.

Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD Fashion Show

Fashion show runway with scene flats at Morgan State U. 04-11-2010

Outdoor festival band stage no roof

Gettysburg College Spring Fest outdoor stage 04-22-2010

Small indoor stage covered with carpet

Indoor custom stage, carpeted and skirted with 1 step.

Political Rally at Prince Georges Community College

Rally platform outdoors at PG County Community College 04-27-2010

Custom assembled scene flats

Custom display wall for term papers at JHU 04-19-2010

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March of Dimes Walk Baltimore 2010

Jericho builds structure to display banners for March of Dimes

The 2010 Greater Baltimore March for Babies brought supporters of the March of Dimes out on a rainy day, braving the damp weather to raise over $550,000 to “give babies a healthy start”. JSI who is no stranger to many non-profit groups helped to make this event a success by building the support structure for the banners framing the stage in the early morning light.

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